The Live With Brands Story

Started as a small team working on women fashion design, we created LIVE WITH BRANDS store to help women who are looking for unique-designed outfits that match their style. We understand that there haven’t been many clothing stores that aim to help women build up their personal fashion store. At LWB, each woman is a fashionista. And fashionista needs different outfits for daily wear as well as special occasions.Let us help you shop with style.

At LWB, you can find various items for various styles. From classic wear, to modern and trending items. We all have suitable items for you. Moreover, we also have consultation service that help you build your own style using items on Pillow store. Therefore, if you have any difficulties in finding items on Pillow store, just let us know. We are always here to assist you.

Why choose LWB?

What we can help you build your own style

Various Fashion Styles

We have items for multiple fashion styles, from feminine to sporty, formal wear, or street style. Therefore, you can always find your style here.


International Shipping

Get your favourite items wherever you are. We ship internationally from 4-5 working days (not included holidays and weekends). Free shipping for any order over INR7000.


Consultation Service

Our experts will help you build your fashion style using items on Pillow store. This service is 30% off for every first order over INR1000.


30-day money-back guarantee

With 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always refund your order anytime. Please notice that money-back guarantee is not available for any order under INR2000.

Who are behind LWB?

See who are working on LWB store everyday.
Lawrence F. Rhodes

Lawrence F. Rhodes

Rodney M.Green

Rodney M.Green

Hair Stylish
Randy Schultz

Randy Schultz

Joan Rice

Joan Rice


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